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project overview

Originally, Bank Director was simply a trade publication for directors of financial institutions when it humbly began in 1991. It has now become the undisputed leader in educating the industry through a variety of platforms. As their design and production resource, our client approached us with an idea of increasing their market presence by publishing content on a monthly basis. The result: we successfully launched an award-winning, interactive B-to-B native app.


Publication Design, Marketing Collateral, Social Media Design
Digital magazine cover example with marijuana in banking
Digital magazine example M&A pitfalls
Digital magazine cover example millennials in banking
Digital magazine cover example glasses
Digital magazine cover example vendor risk with bombs
Bank Director Digital Magazine examples row 1 © Robertson DesignBank Director Digital Magazine examples row 2 © Robertson DesignBank Director Digital Magazine examples row 3 © Robertson Design
In addition to accessing new content in a more timely fashion, users can dig deeper into industry topics through interactive elements only available on a digital platform.
Bank Director Digital Magazine in use by woman © Robertson Design
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