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Southerly Media is a new publishing company based out of Memphis. Their passion is to create custom books that take a sophisticated look at the ideas, places, passions and lifestyles of people who proudly call the South home. As a start-up media company, they needed to hit the ground running in preparation for their much anticipated first book, Florists to the Field.


Logo Design, Secondary Brand Elements, Corporate Fonts & Colors, Stationery system, Marketing Collateral, Event  branding, Publication Design, Print & Digital Advertising, Website design & Development, Social media Design
Southerly Media Stationery System  Letterhead Graphic Design | © Robertson Design
Our solution was to package the company in a distinctly calming, evocative way that allows for organic growth as the company matures. As a result of this multi-layered branding plan, the reception of their first title has been an unmitigated success, paving the way to a bright future.
Southerly Media Website Design | © Robertson DesignSoutherly Media Web Design Ipad Pro | © Robertson Design
 The book design artfully takes the reader across the country and beyond—into the fields where some of the most gorgeous flowers imaginable are grown.
Southerly Media Book Design Garden District | © Robertson DesignSoutherly Media Publication Design Florists To The Field | © Robertson DesignSoutherly Media Book Design Garden District | © Robertson Design
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